Specialist systems


Ultra’s more specialist niche capabilities include personal protective gear communications, ‘Hyperspike’ acoustic hailing devices and magneto inductive ‘through the earth’ communication products.

Specialist systems capabilities & products

TerraCOMM™ tactical underground communication systems
TerraCOMM™ tactical underground communication systems Image

Ultra’s TerraCOMM™ is a wireless, two-way, through-earth voice communication system, designed for tactical underground operations. TerraCOMM™ provides personnel in subterranean environments – tunnels, caves, culverts, municipal infrastructure – with the ability to speak with personnel located above ground. TerraCOMM™ enables direct, point-to-point communications. The robust signal can penetrate physical barriers, line-of-sight obstructions and conductive media, enabling secure and reliable communications in RF-denied environments.

Acoustic hailing and non-lethal deterrent capability
Acoustic hailing and non-lethal deterrent capability Image

Ultra’s Hyperspike acoustic hailing devices are highly-directional speakers, designed to focus sound in a narrow beam. They are the lightest and loudest acoustic hailers in the world and have been proven in all environments. The unparalleled range, clarity and ease-of-use of Hyperspike render it ideal for maritime hailing, military operations and infrastructure protection. The ability to clearly communicate and determine intent, at a safe range, allows stand-off distances to be enforced and reduces the necessity of carrying out boarding operations, thus protecting both people and assets. Hyperspike also supports covert (non RF) communications, during such tasks as replenishment at sea.