Nuclear safety systems


Ultra has class-leading expertise in the development and integration of safety-critical solutions to the commercial and military nuclear markets. Ultra can demonstrate over 60 years of experience in the delivery of critical measurements within international regulatory frameworks. These include nuclear plant protection systems, nucleonics, diverse safety system design & qualification and through-life support. Ultra has provided and continues to provide INSA support for the GDA new-build process.

Nuclear safety systems capabilities & products

Safety systems
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Ultra holds class leading exceptional expertise in the development and integration of safety-critical solutions to both the commercial and military nuclear markets.

The Group has played a significant role as the protection system supplier of the first and second generation of nuclear power plants in the UK.

Today, Ultra is working with reactor designers on nuclear new build programmes around the world and is also involved in the very latest Gen IV designs.

Ultra’s approach to the specification and supply of nuclear safety systems is to develop a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs, constraints and concerns, whether they are financial, resource, project timescales or regulatory. As a result, Ultra develops timely, cost-effective and tailored based upon:

  • 60 years of know-how in delivering high integrity safety systems (including analogue, digital and software)
  • An in-depth knowledge and practical application of nuclear standards and guidelines
  • Experience of working within the most demanding of regulatory environments
Independent safety services
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Ultra‘s knowledge and experience enables the wider Group to provide confidential, independent (from any system design, development or operational teams) safety assessment services.

This includes impartial safety assessments of processes, systems or organisations to judge if the safety requirements for the system are appropriate and adequate for the planned application and that the system satisfies those safety requirements.

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Ultra have been continuously supporting the Royal Navy’s submarine flotilla since the 1960’s in well over 40 years of partnership. Ultra’s role is that of equipment designer, manufacturer and through life support for the control and instrumentation suite and includes the full spectrum of system engineering disciplines, including requirements capture, architecture design, development, verification, obsolescence management, repair and qualification. In addition the Group has more than 20 years’ experience in the supply of mission-critical systems in support of the UK nuclear deterrent.