Mission support


Ultra has a range of innovative mission support capabilities encompassing long-range acoustic hailing, situational awareness systems and HMI solutions. Ultra provides the effective formal logistic support needed by the warfighter.

Mission support capabilities & products

Acoustic hailing and non-lethal deterrent capability
Acoustic hailing and non-lethal deterrent capability Image

Ultra’s Hyperspike acoustic hailing devices are highly-directional speakers, designed to focus sound in a narrow beam. They are the lightest and loudest acoustic hailers in the world and have been proven in all environments. The unparalleled range, clarity and ease-of-use of Hyperspike render it ideal for maritime hailing, military operations and infrastructure protection. The ability to clearly communicate and determine intent, at a safe range, allows stand-off distances to be enforced and reduces the necessity of carrying out boarding operations, thus protecting both people and assets. Hyperspike also supports covert (non RF) communications, during such tasks as replenishment at sea.

Logistic support
Logistic support Image

Ultra is committed to offering flexible and cost-effective logistic support packages, which are tailored to suit the customer’s needs. These can range from straightforward ‘spares and repairs’, through integrated logistic support contracts, to through-life capability services. These include availability-based contracts, where the Group has already demonstrated its repeated ability to meet performance requirements at under target cost. For its portfolio of products, Ultra is able to offer 24 hour on-call support, including technical help-desks, and contractor-on-deployed-operations engineers. Out-of-area contractor support is also available.

In addition to maintenance and training, these packages can include comprehensive obsolescence mitigation plans. Full cradle-to-grave inventory management is offered, covering products from their initial design to eventual disposal.