Command & Control


Ultra specialises in a range of command & control capabilities for both military and civil applications. These tools support the planning and execution of complex and critical operations at all levels of the command structure.

Command & Control capabilities & products

Port and harbour security and safety
Port and harbour security and safety Image

The Group’s port and harbour security and safety offering incorporates ‘best of breed’ and low cost of ownership sensors and peripherals. The situational awareness displays can be installed anywhere on the network, even in mobile C2 posts. A variety of symbols, to identify different sensor sources, can be overlaid on accurately-referenced charts and maps, in vector or raster formats, or aerial/satellite photographs. Ultra has a portfolio of software and expertise which enables the delivery of integrated systems capable of processing data from a wide variety of sensors, including radar, sonar, cameras and AIS transponders. The Group’s Situational Awareness Management System (SAMS) generates a common operating picture which can be shared by multiple groups and provides situational awareness for a wide variety of situations such as oil and gas installations, coastal, border and perimeter protection and maritime security. In addition to providing a consolidated view of the entire situation, the system can coordinate sensors to provide additional situational information. For example, once radar has detected a potential threat, monitoring can automatically be started by a camera to provide additional visual information. All sensor data is recorded and can be replayed and filtered on the system in real-time, high speed or slow motion.

Asset protection and asset tracking
Asset protection and asset tracking Image

Ultra provides an integrated asset protection and asset tracking (own forces tracking) system that provides both Line-of-Sight (LOS) and over-the-horizon (OTH) tracking capability. The system seamlessly networks assets and platforms together, providing total situational awareness of own forces. Ultra’s asset protection and tracking systems even provide the capability to relay tracks and contacts of interest to high speed interceptors. This near-real time up-to-date, accurate track data supports maritime security, fisheries and EEZ protection, law enforcement and search and rescue operations.

Tactical displays and visualisation systems
Tactical displays and visualisation systems Image

Ultra’s Advanced Correlation and Tracking System™ (ACTS) combines ease-of-use, seamless sensor integration and high-performance real-time tracking to provide mission-critical reliable, synchronized management of information on the battlefield. The ACTS open architecture provides a wide variety of sensor interfaces and, combined with a data link processor, manages tactical information from multiple inputs. ACTS is capable of handling complex tracking environments and provides unsurpassed track completeness, clarity and accuracy, delivered in real time.

Ultra’s TacViewC2™ software sets a new standard for mission-oriented, real-time tactical displays, providing flexibility and customisation. Using a highly-optimised interface, the TacViewC2™ software displays thousands of tracks simultaneously, with the real-time responsiveness needed to visualise the battlefield. Ultra’s ForceWatch™ increases effectiveness of tactical teams, where responsiveness and accuracy are critical, by enabling secure voice, video and data communications using smart devices.

The system provides resilient and highly-responsive mapping, frequent position updates, tracking within GPS-denied environments and high-quality full motion video from vehicles and dismounted teams. Digital transmission of decisions and updated mission objectives reduces ambiguity. The ForceWatch™ system’s flexible network architecture interfaces with existing and future mobile networks, legacy tactical networks and is seamlessly augmented with high bandwidth 4G-connectivity.