Encryption solutions


Ultra has a long track record in delivering innovative encryption and information assurance solutions. These encompass all levels of security from commercial to the highest classifications within governments. The capabilities range from high grade cryptographic products, secure network management tools and key generation, distribution and management systems, through to the development and implementation of secure communications architectures.

Encryption solutions capabilities & products

Cryptographic equipment
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Since the 1950s, Ultra has been designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting secure communications equipment, making it one of the most trusted and respected cryptographic systems providers in the world. Over the years, it has built up an enviable track record in the provision of certified End Cryptographic Units (ECUs) and key management capabilities to secure information at the highest levels of classification within government.

High grade programmable cryptographic devices
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Today, Ultra is supporting crypto modernisation initiatives in both the UK and the US, delivering the next generation of high grade programmable cryptographic devices into service.

At the heart of the UK government solution is the Ultra-C3, a high grade cryptographic capability which provides legacy compatibility and most critically, can support modern and interoperable communication modes in the same cryptographic device. The devices are software definable making them compatible with future emerging requirements. Utilising the C3, Ultra is providing a form, fit and function replacement, enabling the deployment of the C3 in a range of cryptographic communications products to reduce installation and integration costs.

Securing virtual private networks
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The increase in e-commerce and the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) has made encryption a vital component of the any network’s gateway to the wider world. Ultra offers VPN encryption and remote access devices, tested and accredited to commercial and government standards.

The Ultra Encrypt range comprises Net, Net Remote and X-Kryptor Confidential which provide organisations across the public and private sectors with the ability to protect sensitive or government classified data traversing IP networks. These products have the appropriate levels of assurance from the relevant authorities both domestically and for export markets. They include all the functions and features required to operate in today’s complex networking environments to safeguard site-to-site, remote access and wireless LAN network communications.

The Ultra Encrypt product lines provide data confidentiality and source authentication for network traffic. This enables high confidence VPN communications for information transported across an IP network, such as the Internet, allowing the connection of corporate networks to remote offices, embedded and mobile workers, securely and cost effectively. Ultra Encrypt is the defacto VPN gateway and remote access platforms device for the overwhelming majority of UK Government communications requiring high assurance.

 CyberFence Image

Embedded computers and remote devices that run critical operations are extremely important in managing automation and control systems by collecting and communicating data directly back into the network. However these devices were never designed with security in mind, making them highly susceptible to cyber-attacks or unintentional interference.

Ultra’s CyberFence family of solutions protect machine-to-machine (M2M) communications using advanced, cyber protection for vulnerable edge-devices without disrupting network operations. CyberFence assures that only you maintain control and visibility of your critical devices despite increased cyber threats. Unlike competitors, designed for general enterprise applications, our devices are specifically designed to provide strong cryptographic defence-in-depth protection for critical infrastructure and tactical communication systems used by military, government and industrial customers. The family of solutions includes DarkNode, which protects critical networks where latency and integrity are paramount; EtherGuard which securely connects devices across untrusted networks such as the internet; EtherWatch a SCADA firewall that protects industrial control networks and embedded devices and UltraCrypt which efficiently encrypts high capacity networks.

CyberFence is the only solution of its kind independently validated and lab tested by the US government to ensure correct development and implementation. No other cyber security device rises to this standard, ensuring safe and secure control of devices and systems.

Key management
Key management Image

Ultra has a proven background across the whole key management life-cycle. Its COMSEC Accounting, Reporting and Distribution System (CARDS), Remote COMSEC Management System (RCMS) and Solitaire products provide a complete solution for cryptographic key request, rewrap, distribution (black and red), storage and tactical loading along with equipment inventory and configuration management and are in service across the world.

Ultra also boasts the world’s only network-attached Hardware Security Module (HSM) utilising a cryptographic module that is certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 4 overall. The ultimate in HSMs, the Ultra Safe Keyper™ is a special-purpose HSM that provides high-assurance digital signing and key generation and storage mechanisms.

A derivate platform, the Ultra Encrypt Net CA is the first ever CESG accredited Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) component that supports the centralised key management capability for the Ultra Encrypt Net product range. There are in excess of 150 operational application specific dedicated PKIs in operation. In enabling assured data separation between the encryption domains, Net CA provides the ability to manage cryptographic communities of interest and to separate different user communities within an organisation, making it ideal for service providers and end users alike. Using Net CA, projects can and do perform over the air rekeying, including via satellite, for very large scale networks in a matter of minutes. Better key management leads to better availability. For over a decade Ultra has provided both increased key management usability and increased security.

The Ultra Safe platform is used to secure billions of dollars of payment transactions and ATM withdrawals around the world as well as underpinning mission-critical security systems for a number of the world’s largest companies, many national Top Level Domains and the root of the Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS).