Ultra offers a number of aircraft instrumentation products for the general aviation and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) markets, from engine power management systems to flight instrumentation. Ultra provides hand control systems, grips and joysticks for use in aircraft cockpits and for training and simulation applications. Ultra’s advanced human machine interface (HMI) equipment is used in control suites and portable control systems for UAVs.

Avionics capabilities & products

Cockpit & ground station equipment and lighting solutions
Cockpit & ground station equipment and lighting solutions Image

Ultra supplies a range of rugged, ergonomic human machine interface equipment for cockpit, loadmaster and UAV crew stations. Cost-effective solutions with high reliability and proven performance are in service with military and civil operators around the world.

Ultra has provided internal and external aircraft lighting in both civil and military markets. In the cockpit, these include high visibility indicators, wander lamps, panel illumination and night vision goggle compatible indicators. Externally, the range includes formation lights, landing/taxi lights and external safety-critical indicators. All lighting solutions are designed for high reliability use, maximising modern technologies and are fully qualified for their operational environment using Ultra’s in-house photometry facilities.

Aircraft engine management systems and instrument solutions
Aircraft engine management systems and instrument solutions Image

Ultra offers a complete range of digital engine instrumentation which provides the cockpit with a more modern look than traditional analogue instruments at less than half the cost of the average flat panel display. Ultra’s instruments are ideal for retrofit markets as they eliminate the cost associated with panel modification, necessary when installing flat panel displays. These instruments contain software which has been audited to DO-178B (level C) and the whole instrument has been environmentally tested to DO-160D to support TSO certification. Ultra’s instruments have been installed in many types of aircraft including general aviation, business jet, helicopter and military trainer platforms as standard OEM equipment.

Unmanned Airborne Vehicle systems (UAVs)
Unmanned Airborne Vehicle systems (UAVs) Image

Ultra provides innovative power, communication, control products and system solutions to UAVs, ranging from small tactical platforms all the way to large, high altitude long endurance systems.

UAV controllers
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Ultra’s technologies and options for grip and throttle solutions have proven to be ideal for use in UAV ground control stations. The Group has been manufacturing the payload and flight controls for the Predator and Reaper UAVs for several years.

Leveraging its expertise in both human factors engineering and traditional hand controls, Ultra’s most recent development projects focus on the dismounted soldier. The warfighter today has to be ready to take immediate and appropriate action at the tactical edge and requires the control systems to interface effectively with the brigade, as well as individual mission assets, including UAVs.

Recognising the need for lightweight, soldier-portable controls which concentrate functionality and asset accessibility into the warfighter’s hands, Ultra introduced the first fully ruggedised game-style controller in 2004. By using this form of hand controller, which is familiar to today’s soldiers, Ultra was able to militarise a control system which reduced training time and has become an ideal controller for the operation of numerous UAVs.

Portable fuel cells
Portable fuel cells Image

Ultra designs, tests and manufactures the future of portable power: solid oxide fuel cell technology. Ultra is committed to providing dependable portable fuel cell power, using readily accessible fuel, which can be taken into the wild or into combat. The Group’s solid oxide fuel cell power systems have been proven reliable in field testing for military, leisure and emergency use. Ultra’s flexible fuel cell technology will provide the exact solution required. From powering unmanned systems to providing portable power to soldiers, Ultra is creating new options for how soldiers power mission-critical systems. Ultra’s ROAMIO D245XR and ROAMIO D300 are fuelled by globally available propane. They deliver lightweight, portable power in the most austere, remote and dangerous locations. This enables longer flight times, longer missions, reduced weight burden and delivers better results.

Communications Image

Ultra’s multitude of communications products underpins the secure video, voice and data communication networks and systems which enable net-centric connectivity across the battlefield. Ultra can offer high-bandwidth, reliable, secure and inter-operable network communications solutions for military users. The Group’s capabilities, covering voice, video, data and chat, include: high capacity networks for C4I; air-to-ground communications; on-the-move network extensions; beyond line-of-sight communications; covert comms; logistics operations and sustainment; search, rescue and quick response; security overlays; gateways; communications and network planning; secure data links for unmanned airborne vehicles; full motion video receivers.

Secure communications
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The Group specialises in air/ground secure command and control (C2), imagery and tactical data links, airborne secure voice and data communications and system integration. Ultra’s HIDL™ is a family of flexible, networkable, software-definable digital data links which are optimised to meet highly sensitive, time-critical (low latency) information exchange needs, such as unmanned airborne systems platforms, weapon systems and mission critical sensors.