What we do


Ultra is a specialist electrical and electronics engineering company. We operate mainly, but not solely, in defence and other highly-regulated markets and are focused on providing mission-specific, bespoke solutions and capability. Ultra has a strong reputation with customers for solving challenges and complex customer problems and needs.

The Group has historically reported through three divisions; Aerospace & Infrastructure, Communications & Security and Maritime & Land.

Our place in the market

The Group operates mainly as a Tier 3 (sub-system) and occasionally a Tier 2 systems provider, mainly in the maritime, C3 (Communications, Command and Control) and Cyber, military and commercial aerospace, nuclear and industrial sensors markets.

The Group uses both own- and customer-funded research and development, tailoring its solutions to meet changing customer needs and budgets and maintaining its reputation as an innovative supplier of enabling technology.

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Our global reach

Ultra’s core markets remain North America, the UK and Australia. These core markets plus a small number of targeted strategic regions allow Ultra to access the largest addressable defence budgets in the world, positioning for long-term growth through well-considered partnerships and government relationships.

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Our customers

The Group works closely with the world’s prime contractors in its chosen markets. Ultra’s major customers include Tier 1 primes such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin as well as international procurement offices.

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