Forensic analysis


Ultra provides automated firearm ballistics identification, forensic analysis systems and crime scene investigation capabilities for the criminal justice and border security communities. A world leader in its field, the Group works with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the globe in providing cost-effectivem and sustainable solutions.

Forensic analysis capabilities & products

Ballistics identification
Ballistics identification Image

Ultra offers the world’s most advanced ballistic identification solution, IBIS® (Integrated Ballistic Identification System). IBIS® enables the sharing and comparison of significant quantities of exhibit information and images across a network of imaging sites, as well as the automated identification of likely matching bullets or cartridge cases. This technology contributes to the investigation process by helping experts to see more, link more, and solve more firearm-related crimes.

IBIS® TRAX-HD3D™ is the latest generation of IBIS technology and includes exceptional 3D imaging, advanced comparison algorithms, and a robust infrastructure. It has been designed to meet the needs of police and military organisations that gain actionable information from firearms and their fired ammunition components.

The BRASSTRAX acquisition station is specialised for the entry of cartridge case information onto an IBIS network. BRASSTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topographic information of significant regions of interest. The majority of the acquisition process is fully automated, minimising user input and so reducing operator variability. This ensures consistent image quality for visualisation and uniformity for optimal comparison performance.

BULLETTRAX captures high-resolution 2D images and 3D topographic information of a bullet’s lands and grooves. It produces an image strip representing a bullet’s 360-degree circumference, or a combination of regions from bullet fragments. The acquisition process is fully automated after the initial setup by the user. This reduces the operator’s required training level and produces consistent image quality.

Ultra’s MATCHPOINT is the firearm expert's analysis station for reviewing the potential matches obtained from IBIS correlation algorithms. Access to high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topography offers remarkable viewing capabilities analysing cartridge case and bullet markings. Powerful in-depth visualisation tools provide capabilities far beyond those of the conventional comparison microscope and make it easier to recognise high-confidence matches. MATCHPOINT significantly increases the identification success rate and decreases the effort required for ultimate confirmation on a conventional comparison microscope.

Crime Scene Investigation
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Ultra’s wide range of crime scene equipment supports the vital work of law enforcement agencies worldwide. The Group’s crime scene equipment is designed to help investigators and technicians in the identification of criminal evidence. These crime scene investigation tools have been designed for a variety of needs, users and applications. From the actual crime scene to the laboratory, the ability to detect, inspect and view evidence makes all the difference. This equipment ranges from cable-free lamps and lighting and print lifters, to laboratory cabinets and digital microscopes. Used in forensic labs around the world, Ultra’s crime scene lights and equipment have consistently delivered superior performance and dependability.

Ultra designs and produces advanced systems for the forensic examination of documents, whether they be passports, currency or questioned documents. The Group’s document examination systems have been designed for a variety of needs, users and applications. From banking and border security, to insurance and government agencies, the ability to detect, inspect and view images directly on a monitor and to record them immediately gives users the versatility and workflow they require. Ultra offers a wide range of viewing and analysis systems that cater to both small agencies all the way to large facilities.