Platform systems


Ultra offers integrated signature management capabilities to navies worldwide. With over 30 years experience in underwater signature prediction, measurement, analysis and signature control, Ultra is a leader in signature management and control for both ships and submarines.

Platform systems capabilities & products

Electric cruise propulsion
Electric cruise propulsion Image

Ultra has developed a range of electric cruise propulsion systems to satisfy today’s needs for increased efficiency, lower emissions and low operational propulsion powers, brought on by stringent environmental regulations and the escalating cost of fuel. Ultra’s systems incorporate its high-efficiency, compact, power-dense electronics, coupled with its power-dense motor technology. By utilising the ‘spare’ electrical capacity of the ship’s service electrical systems, Ultra is able to eliminate the need to operate the main propulsion engines during low power operations.

Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES)
Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES) Image

Ultra’s GTES system replaces the traditional hydraulic or pneumatic start systems for gas turbines with an electric drive and motor. This delivers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduced through-life costs. The GTES system can be programmed to deliver optimum starting torques and ramp speed profiles, which significantly reduce the gas turbine starting stresses. Ultra’s solution, comprising a power-dense motor and drive, is inherently smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than the alternatives. To date, it has successfully startednot only civil gas turbines, but also the latest generation naval gas turbines, designed for use by both the US Navy and the Royal Navy.

Power cells
Power cells Image

Ultra designs, tests and manufactures the future of portable power: solid oxide fuel cell technology. Ultra is committed to providing dependable, portable fuel cell power, using readily accessible fuel, which can be taken into the wild or into combat. Solid oxide fuel cell power systems have been proven reliable in field testing for military, leisure and emergency use. Ultra’s flexible fuel cell technology will provide the exact solution required. From powering unmanned surface systems to providing portable power to support expeditionary operations, Ultra is creating new options for how military customers power mission-critical systems. Ultra’s ROAMIO D245XR and ROAMIO D300 are fuelled by globally available propane. They deliver lightweight, portable power in the most austere, remote and dangerous locations. This enables increased platform durations, longer missions, reduced weight burden and delivers better results.

Power conversion and control
Power conversion and control Image

Ultra is a leader in the ability to package power-dense static converters, whilst maintaining the required structural integrity, thermal performance and ease of maintenance. The power converters are highly modular in construction and incorporate packaged ‘core’ modules, used across the range of equipment. This philosophy facilitates design flexibility and efficient manufacture. The modular construction enables Ultra to package them to fit into virtually any space-constrained location. Ultra’s range of power converters has been designed specifically for the harsh environment of naval applications, giving it a reliability and compatibility that is well in excess of commercial equivalents. This level of rugged reliability is now also available for non-naval applications. Key aspects of this fit-for-purpose design include EMC compliance, climatic rating, operational reliability, a mechanical construction to withstand severe shock and vibration and a greater flexibility to meet non-standard requirements.

Nuclear instrumentation and control
Nuclear instrumentation and control Image

Ultra has been supplying nuclear-qualified temperature sensors, thermowells and transmitters, pressure transmitters and fibre-optic modems for more than three decades. The Group’s intense focus on quality and reliability has contributed to its recognition as a global leader in these technologies and its products have been qualified for use in all of the leading reactor technologies, including pressurized water reactors.

Ultra is the equipment designer and integrator for the control and instrumentation suite for the Royal Navy nuclear submarine propulsion system, where significant priority is applied to design for equipment supportability. This is achieved using obsolescence-tolerant design solutions, through well-established and strong procurement links to manufacturers and suppliers, together with a positive approach to obsolescence management.

Signature management
Signature management Image

Ultra offers its integrated signature management capabilities to navies worldwide.

With over thirty years’ experience in underwater signature prediction, measurement and analysis, Ultra is a world leader in the supply of multi-influence, underwater, fixed and portable signature measurement range systems, on-board systems and magnetic and electric sensors. These types of products have been implemented for steel ships, submarines and mine counter measure vessels. Therefore Ultra understands the interaction of the ship’s signature and electro-magnetic countermeasures, as well as the importance of precise measurement and control.

The data produced by these systems is used to reduce ships’ magnetic signatures. Ultra supplies ranges suitable for use in open ocean and in harbour entrances, which have a full system modelling capability and are in operation with the UK MoD, the US Navy and several other countries. Latest products include multi-influence measurement ranges for fixed and transportable applications. Influences measured include: magnetic, electric, acoustic, seismic and pressure, as well as extremely low frequency emissions. The Group also provides capabilities in signature analysis, magnetic and electric field modelling and advanced signature control systems, including on-board degaussing.

HMI equipment
HMI equipment Image

Ultra’s technologies and options for grips and throttles have proven to be ideal for use in unmanned vessel control stations. Ultra introduced the first fully ruggedised game-style controller in 2004. By using this form of hand controller, familiar to today’s warfighters, Ultra was able to militarise a control system which reduced training time and has become an ideal controller for the operation of numerous unmanned vessels.