Energy management and storage


Ultra specialises in compact, power-dense, low voltage sub-systems and controls for renewable energy applications. Ultra’s innovative fuel cells extend the functionality and reliability of remote applications, allowing equipment to perform reliably for longer periods of time.

Energy management and storage capabilities & products

Power systems
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Ultra is an established supplier of innovative, high-technology electrical power conversion and control systems. Ultra specialises in compact, powerdense, low voltage sub-systems for renewable energy applications, where space is at a premium. Having provided high-integrity solutions to the mass transit and defence industry for over 40 years, Ultra brings the same level of integrity, assurance and compact design to customers in this sector.

Products include a range of inverters and converters, solid-state frequency converters, variable-speed drives and bespoke power supplies, as well as specialist control consoles. Ultra also offers a range of power-dense motors and motor drives which use commercially available components, while delivering military levels of performance.

Ultra offers systems and sub-systems which provide value for money at initial acquisition, and offer significantly reduced through-life costs compared to the alternatives.

Gas turbine electric start
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Ultra is a pioneer and world leader in the design and supply of electric starting systems for industrial and marine gas turbines for both oil and gas installations and power generation. The Group’s Gas Turbine Electric Start (GTES) systems replace the traditional hydraulic or pneumatic start systems and deliver significant improvements in efficiency and reliability as well as reduced through life costs. It is a simple, clutch-less system induction motor that spins constantly with the engine, therefore can generate power as required for remote locations in ‘black start’ scenarios. Proven over hundreds of thousands of installed running hours all over the globe, Ultra’s GTES is compact and light, providing a much lower design and installation burden.

Power conversion
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Ultra’s solid-state electrical power supplies are more flexible and tolerant of damage than hydraulic systems, as well as being more reliable, smaller and lighter than rotary converters. Ultra has excelled in its ability to package powerdense static converters, whilst at the same time maintaining the required structural integrity, thermal performance and ease of maintenance. The rugged reliability of Ultra’s range of power converters, originally designed for the harsh military environment, is now available for renewable energy applications. Key aspects of this fit-for-purpose, highly modular design include EMC compliance, climatic rating and mechanical construction to withstand severe shock and vibration, operational reliability and a greater flexibility to meet non-standard requirements.

Power transformers
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Ultra has many years experience in the design, engineering and manufacture of an extensive range of power transformers, reactors and specialist equipment. The Group uses this expertise to provide customers in the offshore/onshore wind, wave and tidal renewable energy markets with solutions to meet their individual requirements, manufactured and type-tested to any standard and specification.

Shunt reactors
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Ultra’s oil-filled, fixed-value reactors are commonly incorporated into reactive compensation systems for onshore and offshore wind power applications. Designed, manufactured and tested up to 50 MVAr on a 36kV system, the high-specification systems can cope with extreme climatic conditions associated with long-term coastal installations.

Multi-channel analogue/digital multiplexers
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Ultra provides fibre-optic multiplexers for data transmission on wind turbines. These multiplexers can send up to sixteen channels of bi-directional electrical information over a pair of fibre-optic cables. The base unit connects to the fibre-optic cable and provides visual indication of fibre link status. Information is received from up to four input modules which can be cascaded.

Each module has a partner module installed on the corresponding base unit. An integrated backplane allows for communications between modules with no external inter-modular connection. No programming is required.

Electric field sensors
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Ultra manufacturers high performance DC stable electric field sensor with low self noise levels. Application for these specialist sensors include the sea bed receivers that are used for imaging deep hydrocarbon targets using controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) or Marine Magnetotellurics (MMT) techniques.

Portable fuel cells
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Ultra designs, tests and manufactures the future of portable power: solid oxide fuel cell technology. Ultra is committed to providing dependable portable fuel cell power, using readily accessible fuel, which can be taken into the wild or into combat. The Group’s solid oxide fuel cell power systems have been proven reliable in field testing for military, leisure and emergency use. Ultra’s flexible fuel cell technology will provide the exact solution required. From powering unmanned systems to providing portable power to soldiers, Ultra is creating new options for how soldiers power mission-critical systems. Ultra’s ROAMIO D245XR and ROAMIO D300 are fuelled by globally available propane. They deliver lightweight, portable power in the most austere, remote and dangerous locations. This enables longer flight times, longer missions, reduced weight burden and delivers better results.