Combat systems & sensors


Ultra offers a family of surface ship combat management and mission systems, which integrate sensors and effectors to provide picture compilation, tactical analysis, decision-making, response and engagement solutions. The systems utilise advanced sensors and processors, comprising military and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modules, to provide cost-effective and scalable solutions for different ship classes and applications.

Combat systems & sensors capabilities & products

Combat management systems
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Ultra’s modern integrated approach to naval C2 and combat management systems offers numerous benefits to navies and coastguards worldwide, in terms of operational capability, flexibility and through-life costs. Ultra’s systems enable effective and seamless integration of weapon systems, sensors (electro-optic, radar, navigation, meteorological, identification friend or foe, automatic identification system and electronic support measure), decoy systems and multi-function consoles, in order to ensure maximum operational effectiveness to combat the ever-evolving threat.

Ultra has developed the OSIRIS® combat and mission management system, a highly capable, cost-effective solution, readily configurable for any naval ship. Designed on open architecture principles, OSIRIS® is modular and scalable, enabling integration of selected sub-systems into one rugged, reliable and user-friendly multi-function system. Customer-specific system solutions can range from a simple situational awareness and self-defence system for a coastal patrol craft, through to a turn-key integrated C4ISR implementation for a major combatant platform.

Ultra’s navigation data distribution systems are in service with many of the world’s navies, providing accurate low-latency navigation and meteorological data for multiple time-critical ship's systems, such as combat management systems and weaponry. They are based on state-of-the-art, ruggedised, COTS hardware modules and proven, flexible software applications.

To support the naval C2 combat and navigation management systems, Ultra has worked with customers to develop tactical local area networks (TaLAN), which can link sensors, weapon systems, defensive suites and combat management systems. Ultra’s TaLAN, with its open system architecture, increases system reliability and bandwidth and minimises future equipment integration, reducing the through-life cost to the customer.

Systems integration
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Ultra has established a strong reputation for designing, developing and integrating complex systems for maritime applications. The Group’s excellent track record has been achieved through developing a detailed understanding of its customers’ requirements and the willingness to work closely to develop and establish an environment that promotes cost effective programme execution to the customer’s overall satisfaction. Ultra’s experience and expertise covers a broad spectrum of capabilities including: mission and combat management systems; combat systems; naval weapon control systems; naval electro optical surveillance and tracking systems; navigation data distribution systems; electronic systems support and upgrades and ship modernisation.

Submarine RF communications
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Ultra is a world leader in underwater acoustic communications technology. The Group’s offerings include a family of expendable communications buoys, which enable submarines to remain at tactical postures, yet provide robust and sustained one-way and two-way communications. Ultra’s product range also includes underwater telephones, advanced acoustic communications sonar, situational awareness buoys, emergency rescue beacons, tethered and untethered designs for tactical and gateway missions and submarine emergency position-indicating radio beacons (SEPIRB). The SEPIRB is a radio signalling device used for locating a submarine in distress.

Radiation detection and monitoring for ships and submarines
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Ultra provides an established modular radiation monitoring system for naval vessels, which can be configured to suit a wide range of different ships and applications. It provides continuous monitoring of the radiological threat and ensures that ships’ crews have minimum exposure to any radiation hazard.

Sustainment & modernisation
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More navies are looking at life extension and system upgrades of legacy platforms to avoid purchasing new. These upgrades increasingly include adding further capability to allow the platform to carry out new additional roles. Ultra has a proven track record in the sustainment and modernisation market, working with customers and third parties to deliver cost effective solutions.