Electronic Warfare (EW)


Ultra is a provider of leading control sea and airborne EW systems and sub-systems, as well as multi-spectral test and training equipment for both self-protection and electronic attack missions. Ultra’s technical capabilities in this critical area are underpinned by current expert domain knowledge of the implementation of EW in tactical and strategic operational scenarios.

Electronic Warfare (EW) capabilities & products

Base & perimeter surveillance
Base & perimeter surveillance Image

Ultra provides total base cyber-physical solutions including perimeter and border surveillance and security systems integrating 24-hour sensors and radars, long-range electro-optic systems and communications. Ultra’s systems enable effective detection, recognition, identification and tracking of personnel or objects of interest. Ultra’s VirtualFence system controls base access, protecting infrastructure and personell with DoD (Department of Defense) level automated and manual security 24/7. Restricted areas are managed by automated rules that can alert security personnel or trigger deterrents. It provides real-time video surveillance in a remote, intelligent package with optional built-in analytics. The system allows the user to leverage video analytics technologies in a wireless mesh video network configuration to better protect critical base operations.