Radio Systems


Ultra integrates a carefully selected blend of leading edge commercial information technology and high-capacity military radio technology to provide high performance, high reliability communications solutions to meet the requirements of today’s military. Ultra can provide complete integrated communication solutions incorporating only best-of-breed technologies, including line-of-sight radio, encryption, Wi-Fi and 4G capabilities.

Radio systems capabilities & products

Tactical wide-area networks and headquarters-to-edge communications
Tactical wide-area networks and headquarters-to-edge communications Image

Ultra delivers high-capacity (up to 1 Gbps), line-of-sight (LOS) and non line-of-sight (NLOS) radio products for fixed, at-the-quick-halt and On-the-Move (OTM) applications to meet today’s C4ISR requirements. By combining the latest software-defined radio modem with innovative radio architecture and leading-edge networking solutions, Ultra is able to satisfy all the requirements of modern tactical area communication systems.

The revolutionary Ultra ORION product family consists of 2 or 3 channel, multiband high-capacity radios within a small form factor. Built on common software-defined radio technology, the Ultra ORION supports Point-to-Point (PTP), Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) and mesh capabilities. It can operate on fixed and mobile platforms, sharing multiple waveforms to support land, sea and air missions.

Ultra's rapidly deployable high capacity wireless communication systems provide headquarters-to-tactical edge real-time sharing of C2 and ISR data to improve situational awareness, while also meeting the full range, security and frequency requirements of the military.

Land & maritime communications
Land & maritime communications Image

High capacity fixed and on-the-move communications can be used to help protect nations and infrastructures, by empowering the armed forces with critical real-time C4ISR data, wherever they are. Ultra’s products are designed to distribute multiple video streams coming from UAVs and other sources, providing real-time reconnaissance and identification.

Multiple customers use the Ultra radio communications systems for land-based applications such as wide area security, mobile deployments, public safety and border protection. These solutions help nations build a secure and cost-effective communications network. The software-defined radio systems can interoperate with legacy radios fielded around the world, thus connecting a multitude of networks together. From tactical to strategic operations, brigade to edge and desert to cities, Ultra’s products allow better collaboration between military, public safety and coalition forces.

Ultra’s broadband network solutions can support multiple maritime missions by combining over-water waveforms, data switching, range extension and cross banding capabilities in order to integrate and maximise the use of sensor and command & control data. Some of the key applications are amphibious operations, maritime interdiction, force protection and coastal surveillance. Ultra’s products enable comprehensive video, imaging and data over-water transmission, as well as fully integrated collaboration and operational C3 between vessels, command ships and shore base stations. 

Wi-fi and 4G capabilities
Wi-fi and 4G capabilities Image

Ultra is a leading provider of highly secure wireless networks which enable critical information exchange, vital systems security and infrastructure security. The Group provides custom communication solutions which can be configured for wireless, self-healing, self-configuring mesh-networking to meet the user’s specific availability and confidentiality needs in military, government, industrial and utility markets. Products can be used for applications such as delivering real-time data and video from vehicles to monitoring centres, conducting wireless video surveillance and monitoring building access and public activity.