Operations Team Leader (UK)

On graduating with a first-class honours degree in Electromechanical Engineering from University, I wanted to develop my career with a technology-led engineering business that I could see had a reputation in the market-place for developing its people.

From day one of joining Ultra Electronics I felt an important part of the business, with its people values embedded into its business processes. My personal development has been managed through an agreed plan, supported by excellent Group Management Training modules, personal mentoring and hands-on, real life experiences when I need it.

Having worked at Ultra for just over two years, I am now looking forward to progressing to the engineering function early next year where I will be making more use of my technical qualification together with the management skills I have gained to develop future products for the business.


Commercial Management (UK)

One of the main reasons that I joined Ultra Electronics five years ago was that I saw a company with the motivation to grow by recognising that the employees are at the heart of the company.

Over the past five years Ultra has proven that my initial motivations were well founded by supporting my career progression by providing structured training plans, reviews, training courses, personal coaching and on-the-job training.

All of this is strengthened by an open and supportive environment in which all employees are respectfully and fairly treated.


Project Engineer (UK)

After completing 24 years of military service, I was keen to find employment with a progressive technology company.

Ultra Electronics is without doubt at the forefront of providing digital recording solutions and this is one of the main reasons that the work as a Project Engineer within the company is so demanding but also very rewarding.

I have enjoyed several overseas trips to oversee the installation and training of systems for which I have been responsible. The travel has also helped in further developing the relationships the company has with the customers, agents and suppliers across the world.

Colleagues within the company are always very supportive and there is always a good feeling of team spirit within all sections of Ultra.


Quality Test & Integration Engineer (USA)

Ultra Electronics gave me the opportunity to change the path of my career yet still be able to call upon my past years of experiences. It is great to be part of a company that is growing and prospering even while so many other companies are downsizing and failing.

I enjoy working here because of the people and the ability to come together as a team to accomplish our goals. It is an opportunity to give our troops only the best and to help them stay out of harm's way. I also enjoy the challenge of staying on the cutting edge of technology.


Senior Assembler (USA)

I initially wanted to join the company because I liked the location. When I walked in the door I was greeted pleasantly. I had a good experience with Human Resources and I really like my supervisor. After I received an explanation of what the company does I felt it would be a really interesting business.

There are so many things I enjoy – the people, management, everybody is nice and helps other people. It is a great atmosphere. The workplace is also very clean. I really enjoy my work and it is rewarding to me that my job is important. I'm doing work for the army and I must do it right! It is special that they use what I make. I'm growing because everyday I learn something new. Anybody who wouldn't want to work here is foolish. We have fun and that makes it good for everyone.


Quality Assurance Engineer (Canada)

The culture at Ultra Electronics is very friendly and people are always willing to help each other. I really enjoy working here and am continually learning and developing my skills.

Senior management is very approachable and has an open door policy which helps effective communication. I feel that my contribution to the success of the business really is appreciated and this motivates me to keep improving.


Mechanical Engineer (USA)

After graduation, my job search focused on finding work and I focused on the defense sector. While looking at Ultra, it was clear they were a company I wanted to learn more about to discover where I might fit in.

In my first impressions, it was the people who convinced me to join. Everyone seemed to feel they were part of a team, working together to produce successful products.

My co-workers are glad to teach what they know and explain their work, as Ultra has a great atmosphere for learning informally. The technical knowledge I'm applying, along with the communication and teamwork here, allow people to express their knowledge and use it towards successful projects.

Working at Ultra is helping me develop the skills which will lead me to possess the technical aptitude and leadership abilities to function as a project lead or enter into a managerial role.