Nuclear qualified sensors


Ultra is at the forefront in the design and manufacture of sensors for critical measurements within the nuclear power plant. Ultra’s nuclear qualified range of safety related measurement instrumentation and sensors support all leading reactor types across the multiplicity of international standards and are recognised for their reliability, accuracy and longevity of performance in even the most severe of environments. In addition Ultra is the UK design authority for reactor neutron flux detectors.

Nuclear qualified sensors capabilities & products

Critical sensors
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Ultra is at the forefront in the development and manufacture of sensors for critical measurements within the nuclear power plant.

Our nuclear qualified products are recognised for their quality, reliability, accuracy and longevity of performance in even the most severe of environments.

Ultra continue to invest in our research, manufacture and quality infrastructure to ensure we remain one of the world’s leading suppliers to the nuclear industry.

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Ultra’s strength lies in its ability to offer end-to-end nucleonic systems, comprising flux detectors, mineral-insulated cables and instrumentation.

Ultra has developed a complete range of neutron flux detectors for use in reactor safety and indication systems and neutron flux instruments for monitoring and protection applications in the nuclear industry. The instrumentation range includes pulse counting, Campbell processing, log DC and linear DC measurements. These instruments are available as individual items or as a complete flux monitoring system. They are designed to comply with the stringent electromagnetic compatibility standards in nuclear power plant environments.

Nuclear qualified sensors
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Ultra has been supplying nuclear qualified temperature sensors, thermowells and transmitters and pressure transmitters for more than three decades and is recognised as a global leader in these technologies.

Over 80% of all North American reactors rely exclusively on Ultra temperature sensors for critical reactor coolant monitoring. Ultra’s nuclear-qualified pressure transmitters are used at over 20% of US nuclear power plants and its products have been qualified for use in all of the leading reactor technologies, including PWR, BWR, CANDU, APWR and ABWR.

Ultra is the world’s largest supplier of nuclear-qualified resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) and thermocouple temperature sensors. Most of the sensors can withstand 20G’s and 300 Megarads (3MGy) Total Ionising Dose (T.I.D). They are available in various configurations, such as thermowell-mounted, strap-on, direct immersion, fast-time response and atmospheric styles.

Ultra produces a wide variety of nuclear-qualified thermowells in virtually any style or material. Whilst Ultra’s standard thermowells are fabricated from stainless steel, other materials such as Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy are regularly used.

Ultra provides a range of nuclear temperature transmitters, which can be used with either RTDs or thermocouples. They are capable of withstanding up to 40 years of background radiation of 10 Kilorads (100 kGy) T.I.D. The N7000 series transmitter is fully fieldconfigurable, making it adaptable to virtually any application.

Ultra supplies one of the broadest ranges of pressure transmitters for nuclear-qualified applications. Versions are offered for installations ranging from inside containment and harsh environment to applications requiring only seismic qualification or commercial grade. Models are available for the measurement of gauge, absolute or differential pressure.

In addition Ultra holds multiple ASME certifications of authorisation for design and manufacture of pressure boundary products.