Fire control & weapon systems


Ultra specialises in a wide range of servo-controlled platforms for vehicle operations. Within the land environment, Ultra’s land directors are used for electro-optic surveillance and tracking, radar and missiles. The Ultra range of platforms is ideally suited for the launch of VSHORAD missile systems.

Fire control & weapon systems capabilities & products

Weapon interface systems
Weapon interface systems Image

Ultra offers a family of surface ship combat management and mission systems, which integrate sensor and effectors to provide picture compilation, tactical analysis decision-making, response and engagement solutions

Ultra has over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and integrating weapon interface management systems into both combat systems and weapon systems. Such capabilities are key to weapon safety, providing the safety interlock between combat management systems and weapon handling and launch systems. The capability and flexibility provided by Ultra’s weapon interface systems has been significantly increased through the use of COTS-based products. This allows the interface system to be easily upgraded, enabling the integration of a wide selection of current and future weapons and interfaces.

Electro-optic fire control
Electro-optic fire control Image

Ultra is the UK’s primary supplier of naval electro-optical (EO) and fire control systems. With decades of experience in naval EO, Ultra has supplied over 150 systems to some 15 navies and coastguards worldwide, including the Royal Navy.

Ultra's products are deployed on a wide range of ships, ranging from small patrol vessels to aircraft carriers. Ultra provides precision EO tracking for gun calibres up to 127mm and gun fire control modes for naval surface, naval air and shore bombardment.

The Group has an extensive capability for the supply of high-performance, rugged naval EO sensors in the visual, IR and thermal wavebands. Ultra’s sensors have provided reliable service in hostile environments worldwide for the past 20 years. They are in use on the latest UK RN T45 destroyer EO surveillance and fire control systems, as well as being specified for several new UK and overseas platforms; ranging from coastguard patrol vessels to the largest fighting ships.